How to make Stuffed Peppers

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November 23, 2018
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January 5, 2019

How to make Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers baked in oven (Punjene paprike zapečene u rerni)


10 medium-sized green peppers
4 soup spoons of cooking oil
1 middle sized onion
1/2 kg of ground pork meat
1 soup spoon of Vegeta or “Spice C” (a condiment)
1 teaspoon of ground black pepper
400 gr of rice
1 egg
250-350 gr of sour cream
150  ml of water


– 10 medium-sized green peppers carefully excavate with the knife.

–  Turn on the stove plate, put a pan on the plate and pour in 2 soups

Spoons of cooking oil to oil the pan’s bottom.

–  Peel the onion, chop it to small square pieces and pour into the pan.

–  Add 1/2 kg of ground pork meat, add 1 teaspoon of a ground black pepper, add 1 soup spoon of Vegeta or Spice C” (a condiment) and add 400 gr of rice.

–  All of that simmer about 15 minutes. –  Turn off the stove plate, take off the pan from the plate, add 1 whole egg into the pan and whisk it all well. That’s the green peppers filling mass. –  Each green pepper’s cave fills with this prepared filling (watching not to exceed its capacity, must not be overloaded – leave a little empty space inside the peppers cavity because the rice grows up while cooking). –  Prepare a baking pan, oil its bottom with 1-2 soup spoons of cooking oil, smear the baking pan bottom with thin layer of sour cream. –  Loaded green peppers with the filling mass arrange in the baking pan, add 150 ml of water and put 1 soup spoon of sour cream on top of each filled green pepper. – Put the baking pan into the warmed oven and bake it for about 1 hour on a temperature of 200 Celsius degrees. – On a halfway (time) of the baking process, shortly take out the pan from the oven, carefully turn over each green pepper with a spoon, take back the pan into the oven and keep baking to the end of about 1 hour total time. – When it’s done, take out the pan from the oven, leave it to cool down for a while, and a serving and eating in the worm condition can begin.

– There is one extended version: Before serving, you can prepare in a separate bowl the mixture of left sour cream and one whole egg, whisk it well and smear this mixture over the top surface of all baking peppers. This should be done about 10 minutes before the final baking process. Just take out the pan from the oven, smear prepared mixture over the peppers, take back the pan into the oven, and finish the baking for about ten minutes time.

– Then, turn off the oven, take out the pan from the oven, leave it to cool down for a while and start serving. Both versions are really tasty. It could be served as the main meal, paired with domestic mashed potatoes as a contribution. No salads required. Really, an extraordinary delicious recipe. Enjoy!

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