• Moe Fawal
    Super friendly staff and a great selection of products. We frequently buy chevapi from here that are always delicious. There are plenty of sweets at this location as well as coffee jams drinks etc. There is also a seating area inside if you wanted to eat some of the fresh food they have. We always leave this location highly satisfied.
    Moe Fawal
  • Vlad Marinkovic
    It would be easy to describe this place as a bakery/grocery/deli, but that would be too superficial. What is on offer here comes mostly from parts of Europe where a home-cooked meal is a rule, not an exception, and where making cookies "from scratch" means cracking the eggs and mixing the flour, not cracking open a cardboard can. There is also a tastefully decorated eating area that invites patrons to sit and chat over a cup of very good espresso or freshly made pastries. Not just a place to get your groceries in a rush, but also a space to enjoy for a while. Just don't get hooked on those "Crackling pork pastries" or whatever they call them - they are not for the faint of heart :)
    Vlad Marinkovic
  • Jelena
    Amazing place, people are friendly and gigantic selection of amazing food items from Europe. It is a great place if you want a touch of Europe in your cooking or lifestyle.
  • Miroslav Gligorevic
    Great variety of Balkans food which is a mixture of Turkish, German, Hungarian, Italian and Mediterranean cousin in general.
    Miroslav Gligorevic
  • Seth Ozko
    I just purchased 2 full bureks, fresh from the oven, one cheese and one meat. I took a bite and wow it's good. Also good selection of Deli and European items, Great place.
    Seth Ozko
  • Darko Mazalica
    Lovely family business and tasty food...
    Darko Mazalica
  • Dimitrios Nikolaou
    The homemade lunch meals are excellent
    Dimitrios Nikolaou
  • Tor Bon
    Good place for food from ex Yugoslavia. Good barbecue food and it's possible to eat food prepared in the shop. Friendly stuff
    Tor Bon
  • Sasha Stupar
    Amazing hot table food. Great desserts!
    Sasha Stupar
  • svetozar bosnjakovic
    Wonderful pastries burek and all the goodies from the old country very friendly and helpful staff.
    svetozar bosnjakovic
  • Milan Grujic
    This place is great
    Milan Grujic
  • Manu Manu
    Great food
    Manu Manu
  • Vitaliy Latanskiy
    If you come early enough their freshly bakes goods are amazing.
    Vitaliy Latanskiy
  • Jeremy BBenthem
    This place is great. Best Burek in town !
    Jeremy BBenthem
  • Carlo Perez
    Great sandwiches made to order
    Carlo Perez
  • Oliver
    Delicious burek! Be aware of $5 minimum to pay by debit.
  • David Jin
    Great bakery with good variety and an authentic feel.
    David Jin
  • Stan B
    Great bakery tucked into the corner. Offers fresh bakes goods and some cheese European pastries. Some good deli section as well with cheese and meat selection. Recommended
    Stan B
  • Scott Tanaka
    One reason why I can't live outside of the Junction. Outstanding raw pizza dough.
    Scott Tanaka
  • Drew Woods
    We get out bread day old so it's discounted. Their deli meats are amazing as well. And of course, their bakery is great. My wife likes the chocolate croissants and I usually get a cinnamon bun. But their burek is what I love most. So good as a breakfast.
    Drew Woods

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